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Sakuraswap's software will be released on the Ethereum blockchain around 20:00 on December 5th, as originally planned. We are currently making final adjustments to the Japanese notation.
Two days later, staking (reward grant) will start on December 7th.

*Please prepare ETH in MetaMask (Ethereum wallet) before starting staking.

About SakuraSwap Project

We establish this project because we want to blow a new wind in the DeFi market. Generally, the token issued for DEX is used for attracting user and this is only the item of moneygame - first come, first served. However, we issue the token strongly connecting the real business, such as,、

・payment for the fee-charge various contents, which users can experience on the web
・centering such business and dividend target of business sales (role like stock certificates)

since we make this token as key coin in DEX, we try to connect the advantage of DeFi and the real business, so that we avoid DEX item tends to be the target of moneygame like before. The keycoin is SakuraToken and DEX exchange based on this token is SakuraSwap. This project is aiming to user’s safe participation by ‘corraborating the real business’ and grow out of just money game.

Corroboration of three main businesses

Online Game Business

The number of users of online game is 2.3 billion, they consume $137.9 billion (around 15 trillion yen)and the amount of consumption will be expected to be reached $180.1 billion (around 20 trillion yen) growth in 2021. When we see the worldwide game market by individual region, half of the market exist in Asia area and American area – 52% of market exists in Asia. Among the countries in Asia, China oppupies the 1/4 large of worldwide game market.

Game Betting Business

On the usual online game, Players fight against each other and when winning, they obtain the gold, item and empirical value that can be used only on the game. We provide the futuristic betting system which has no gambling banker, both opponents struggle for prize money, has precise rate of reduction & commission and without injustice. By introducing this betting system, it is possible that both opponents betted and struggle for this amount realistically.

Public Gamble Business

Not only casino business, but also and during this business, Online Loto business is proud of having world-first high return rate and providing various types of Loto and scratch service at the midpoint of whole Asia. Users are able to complete the deal via online, from the purchase of lottery to receipt of prize money. Moreover, since our company prepares for the outside foundation and outside audit in the nothern mariana islands, users can purchase the lotteries at ease.

In the future, we will use SakuraToken not only for these three businesses (plan to add more contents hereafter) but for the method as the distribution of prize money and dividend. Until now, the items that evoked the controversy or caused noise in our society have been called moneygame. Because such items did not have good reason, such as “bringing with the real business”. We will distribute sakuraswap to the world.We are assuming the value of token of Sakura will be rapidly increased along with the explosive expansion of these three markets we introduced above.

Features of SakuraSwap

High Rate Return

By providing fluidity, you will receive the high APY (yearly rate) compensation.

Payment Available Anytime

By introducing DeFi technology, we keep the transparency and reliability and 100% guarantee for your asset. Also you can deposit and withdrawal anytime.

Collaboration with Real Business Casino

Not only online casino, but by corroborating the real business casino we operate, we will be able to return higher profit to our users.


Protocol Design

Incentive for the person providing fluidity

SakuraSwap is the first project of online casino plus internet game among the various DeFi projects. Users can obtain Sakura Token as incentive by providing fluidity. The profit from the staking of fluidity LP is directly proportional to the rate of LP token numbers you are staking. If you will not continue providing fluidity, your tenement and compensation accordingly will be diluted gradually.

Sakura Smart Construct:

Sakura Token Design

Total 100,000,000 Sakura
Mining 98% 10 Sakura per each initial stage block
Mobility to provide 1,000,000
Marketing 1,000,000
Project Operation Fee 10% of Mining

By providing fluidity and obtain SakuraToken, the person having LP Token of Uniswap & SwapHub can stake them on the initial pool. When staking, Block 11388888 – check the block number here:, from (around December 5th around 8pm in 2020) reward application begins and you will obtain SakuraToken. Whenever block is produced, 10 SakuraToken is newly issued. These tokens are equally distributed to the persons staking in SakuraSwap pool. The issuance quantity of SakuraToken is limited. The issuance will continue from 11388888 block to 12825888 block and stop after 365 days. Whether the issuance will continue is determined by community governance. Please confirm the block number byEtherscan

Distribution of Compensation

At current Uniswap, 0.3% of all trading commissions of the pool will be proportionately distributed to the fluidity providers. At SakuraSwap, 0.25% will directly sent to active fluidity provides and rest of 0.05% will be transformed to SakuraToken via SakuraSwap and distributed to Token Holders.

Guarantee of Project Sustainability

It is crucial to guarantee the long-term feasibility and sustainability of the project. Following the precedent project, 10% of all token supply is kept for the developers on SakuraSwap.

Security Review

Security is important for us. You can also assure the Smart Construct here. We already requested the security to the several audit organization. WeAnnounce once the audit is completed. You will check Sakura Smart Construct here.
#imToken# # 6546# We are in process to add the Sakura token information to imToken. After completion, you will be able to see the logo in imToken, manage Sakura token more conveniently, and see more token information.
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